*New clients with previously done cosmetic tattoo*

How Do I fix Previous cosmetic tattoo work?

*All client with previous microblading or brow tattoo from another artist MUST first send a clear photo of their brows without make up taken in a natural sunlight to info@elitebeautyasthetics.com.au prior to booking an appointment.

*Corrective work is accepted on a case-by-case basis, and while we hope you are a good candidate for a corrective procedure, we need to make sure by first reviewing a photo of your bare brows and approving an appointment for you.

*If you are seeking a mild reshaping correction, this can be addressed with an updated brow drawing and correcting new shape but may still require a blending technique from the old to the new tattoo together.

*It takes an expert to correct the brows that has turned Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Green etc. Our cosmetic tattoo expert will help you turn it into your desired colour eliminating the unwanted hues.

*If by any chance that your brows are not qualified to undergo our corrective procedure you will be given an advise to get a laser removal. (note: we don’t offer laser removals)

Afterpay and Steppay available when you pay in-store.

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