Touch Up Appointments

Our Touch up services are only for existing clients. If you are a new client with previous cosmetic tattoo, please check out our Eyebrow colour correction/ cover up service.

*initial Touch Ups/ Perfection sessions are strictly done on the 4-6 week mark to fill in any areas needing adjustments and modification.

*Your touch-up session locks in and perfects everything from the initial session to ensure your brows look amazing for 1-3 years. Your Cosmetic tattoo is typically completed in 2 sessions: initial

+ perfection session.

*On the initial session, we lay down the foundation.

*Your 2nd session is the perfection session. It helps to ensure the longevity of the performed service. We can make adjustments to the shape, such as adding to the length and thickness as per client’s request or to go darker depending on how the pigment has healed onto your skin.

*It is highly recommended to make your touch up appointment at the end of your 1st session to guarantee the availability.

Your results are contingent on three key factors:

  • Adherence to the aftercare instructions that will be provided after the
  • Your body’s tolerance of pigment and implantation
  • Lifestyle, skincare products that you use, medications that you take and your

Booking Your Touch Up Appointment:

If you are a new Client, any work is subject to our standard new client rates. We do not Touch up other artists’ work because we assume care and responsibility of your brows from this point on. Additionally, your existing or desired shape must be aligned with your artists’ aesthetic and recommendation. For more information on the process, please refer to our Eyebrow Color Correction/ Cover Up Service.

Afterpay and Steppay available when you pay in-store.